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Geotechnical Drilling, Testing and GPR 

Geotechnical Drilling Services

I.D.G.S. offers full scale geotechnical drilling services, creating a convenient source for all your subsurface investigation needs.  We specialize in SPT borings performed by our seasoned drill crews and monitored by trained soil investigation specialists as required.

Our BR 2500 drill rigs are designed for restricted access / limited footprint boring locations, but nonetheless have 200-foot drill depth capability, making them ideal tools for exploration in the urban environment. 

Drilling Manager:    Cory Cook

                                  [email protected]

                                  Cell Phone: 352-516-3323 

Tight access problems?  No worries, our equipment inventory includes a mini-rig capable of fitting through a 28" wide opening.

Our mini-rig will get through a 28 inch opening