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Geotechnical Drilling, Testing and GPR 

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services

Integrity Drilling & Geophysical Services (I.D.G.S.) offers Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services for subsurface assessment. Our services identify and define the depth and location of geological features related to: karst processes, sinkholes, buried debris, utility locations, underground structures or variable / anomalous soil conditions. We use 250 MHz and 500 MHz antennae depending upon survey depth and resolution required.

I.D.G.S. is an experienced geophysical company that has performed / managed geophysical investigations throughout Florida.  Our experience enables your project goals to be achieved through thorough, accurate, concise and timely data collection and reporting of our findings.

GPR Transects Karst Geophysics

GPR Applications Include:

Archaeological Surveys

Buried Debris / Objects / Utility Configurations and Mapping

Conduit Mapping

Delineation of Landfills and Clay Terraces

Environmental Applications

Forensic Applications

Freshwater Sediment Analysis

Ground Disturbance Evaluations

Karst Evaluations

Mining Excavation Survey and Risk Assessments

Potential Subterranean Void Assessments and Delineation

Sinkhole Risk Assessments

Slab Thickness and Reinforcement Identification

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Locating

Un-Exploded Ordinance (UXO) Locating