Full Scale Geotechnical Specialists Serving All of Florida  

Geotechnical Drilling, Testing and GPR 

In Situ and Laboratory Testing

In Situ Testing

I.D.G.S. offers in-situ testing to support our geotechnical exploration services

We offer shallow soil exploration techniques including: hand auger boring to ASTM D 6907; static Hand Cone Penetration Testing; Dynamic Cone Penetration Testing to ASTM D 1452; standard test pits; concrete / asphalt coring for soil access; and muck probing.

Soils Laboratory

I.D.G.S. offers laboratory testing to support our geotechnical exploration services

In our Groveland soil laboratory, our ACI Certified technicians carry out standard soil classification testing including moisture content, particle size distribution, organic content, Atterberg Limits, constant head permeability and Proctor compaction.